Have a Great Time With Your Friends

Have a Great Time With Your Friends

Go for a spin around our roller rink

Whether you want to book a private event on a weekday or spend a few hours skating on the weekend, Keystone Roller Rink is the place to be. We're open every Friday and Saturday for free skates, and we host private events during the week.

Call 607-426-2738 today if you want to hold a party at our roller rink.

Creating an environment you can enjoy

Roller skating is fun for the whole family, but sometimes you want to leave the kids behind. We host adult skates on Tuesdays once a month. If you visit during one of our adult skates, you:

  • Won't have to worry about overcrowding
  • Can enjoy a romantic spin around the rink
  • Don't need to look out for children in the rink

This more relaxed environment lets you enjoy roller skating without the headache of screaming children. Without any kids in the way, more experienced skaters can also show off their skills in comfort. Email us today to find out when we're hosting our next adult skate.