Looking for a Fun Way to Spend Your Weekend??

Cruise around our roller rink with your friends or family

When you're ready for a time full of laughter and fun, Keystone Roller Rink in Sayre, PA is the place to be. Since 1930, we've brought together family and friends to zip around our roller rink. Whether you're popping in for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, skating with your friends on a Friday evening, or you want to book a skating party for your child's birthday, our rink is the place for you.

Start making memories with your friends or family, visit us today to take a spin around our roller rink.

Large Group Private Rental: Contact us if you have an event anticipating 80+ skaters for pricing.

Friday & Saturday Open Skates
(September - April)
6:30PM to 9:00PM$8.00 Admission
$2.00 Skate Rentals
Saturday Family Skates
(November - April)
11:30AM to 1:00PM$5.00 Admissions
Free Skate Rentals

Entertaining generations of skaters

Keystone Roller Rink is a cornerstone of the Sayre community. Our owner is the third generation of her family to own the rink. In 1930, her grandfather, Harold Campbell, put down the original maple floors. We still operate out of that original building, and our family works hard to take care of every customer. This year, we're celebrating 92 years of helping Sayre residents have a fun night out.

Check out our About page for more information on our roller rink.